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This week on Barbell Business, we interview Mark England of Procabulary. In this episode, we dive into how our language effects our success in business, and in our personal lives. Mark provides practical tools to overcome challenges for both individuals and organizations. We discuss 

  • How to communicate more effectively as a coach and as a leader
  • How language plays a large part in your success as an entrepreneur as well as your personal life
  • The difference between CONFLICT language and ARCHITECT language
  • How to focus on language that motivates you rather language that holds you back


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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS we are bringing Guy Ferdman back on the show.

In this week's show we discuss:

  • How to treat your business as a game
  • How to tap into consistent motivation and passion in your business
  • Why relationships are the most important part of business
  • How to adopt the process of mastery into your life


If you haven't had a chance to listen to the first show we did with him, you can watch the first episode we did with him here

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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS we talk about the Barbell Mastermind. We discuss:

  • The difference between a mastermind, a workshop, and a conference
  • The value of being a contributing member of a mastermind
  • Why Masterminding is one of the best ways to grow your network
  • How we set up our experience at the Barbell Mastermind

If you liked this episode and are curious to learn more, head over to and apply to the upcoming event in San Diego, CA on March 7-9


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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS we interview Guy Ferdman. Guy is one of the co founders of a Satori Prime, a company focused on empowering entrepreneurs. Guy runs his own podcast called the Performance Enhancing Podcast, and has worked with some of the top performing entrepreneurs in the game. We discuss:

  • The psychology of change and habit development
  • Why everyone will benefit from working with a coach
  • Understanding the difference between "doing" and "being" in your life
  • How to understand the difference between will power and passion


You can learn more about Guy and his work at

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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Drew Girton of CrossFit Pendulum. We discuss

  • How to understand what type of entrepreneur you are
  • When to learn more and when to take action on what you know
  • The process of stepping out of coaching and admin to manage the business and grow
  • How to grow your culture in group class 



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This Week On BARBELL BUSINESS we interview David Newman of RX SmartGear. We discuss:

  • How David built his business on the simple idea of wanting to make a better jumprope

  • How to scale your business on top of what you are known best for

  • Why you need to focus on customer service as the core of your business practices

  • How to think with a reactionary mindset to the market

To learn more about what David is up to, head over to

Instagram: @barbellbusinesspodcast

Facebook: /barbellbusiness


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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Makena Sage from Online Marketing With Heart. We discuss: 


  • How to shift your marketing from feeling "salesy" to authentic
  • Why good copywriting is essential for connecting with your clients
  • How to strategically understand your potential clients needs and wants
  • How to target the people you want to come in your gym through targeted copywriting
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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS we interview the founder of PowerDot, Eric Glader and discuss the entrepreneurial journey. We dive into topics such as:

  • How to strategically think about providing value to your customers
  • The difference between a service and a product based business
  • The purpose of obstacles in the entrepreneurial journey
  • Why building a brand along side your business is important


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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Bren Davis and dive into Facebook advertising. We discuss:

  • How to understand the Facebook Advertising Process
  • How to target your ideal type of client on Facebook
  • Why you need to focus on educating your clients on Facebook
  • How to test your ads with a small budget and scale big after

Also, if you are serious about using Facebook advertising for your gym business, Bren is offering a free 15 minute strategy lesson with his team. You can reach him at 

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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS we dive into the art of the referral. We discuss:

  • Why referrals are an important element to a service business
  • How to target and motivate your best members to help you bring new members into your gym
  • How to make it easy for your members to refer their friends to your gym
  • How to make sure you are building in the key rules to a successful referral program

Also make sure to head over to to get the free download we put together showing you all the steps to setting up a kickass referral program

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