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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Charles Boyett, a recent graduate of the Barbell Business Workshop, Barbell Logic client, Barbell Masterminder, the new owner of Training Grounds Fitness and Orange Park CrossFit, and one of the most awesome guys you'll meet anywhere.

In this show, we'll discuss:

  • Taking the leap from one career path to another
  • Challenges that come with acquiring a failing gym
  • Mending a broken and disconnected culture
  • Charles' #1 piece of advice for others looking to purchase a gym

For more information on how Charles' growth strategy for Orange Park CrossFit came to be so dang effective, visit and schedule a discovery session.

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In this week's episode of BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Bryan Franklin. Bryan is Mike's business coach, a co-author of "The Last Safe Investment," and a top Silicon Valley coach for first-time CEOs who has helped 7 of his clients grow their start-ups past the $1 Billion mark.

We'll cover several topics in their new book "The Last Safe Investment," once of them being:

Myth:  If you save for decades and invest in 401(k)s, IRAs, and a home, these investments will grow steadily, allowing twenty to thirty years of secure, peaceful retirement.

Reality:  Though this might have been true at some point in the last century, it is not true any longer. If you want to get ahead and enjoy a life of prosperity, you must invest in the last safe investment: yourself, and your own skills, value to others, relationships, and overall happiness.

For a copy of "The Last Safe Investment," visit

Enjoy the show!

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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, Mike, Ashley Bledsoe, Doug and AJ discuss some of their biggest relationship pitfalls, several of their favorite resources, lessons learned, and why love is really the key to success.

Be sure to check out for additional resources mentioned in this show.


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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Matt Reynolds of Reynolds Strong. In this show, Matt discusses:

  • How he built one of the largest strength gyms in the US 
  • How he grew to over 1000 members
  • The keys to their gym's on-going success
  • Lessons learned from recently selling Strong Gym
  • His top tips to operating as a high-performing entrepreneur


Today's episode is brought to you by FitAid. Be sure to check out their new product FitAid Fuel which just launched last weekend. If you’re a gym owner, you can get 4 free cans of FitAid at If you’re just a regular guy wanting a free can - they got your back. You can get one free there too. 


Enjoy the show.

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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • Are you an amateur business owner? Or are you operating as a true entrepreneur?
  • Incognito haters, false security, and other things holding you back from going all in.
  • Old school marketing and sales tactics are dead. Evolve with the times and you might actually like it.
  • The ratio for gym owner self education
  • How to stop running from the stuff you've been ignoring

For more resources visit

Enjoy the show!

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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS we discuss:

  • The difference between a hobby business and a real business
  • Why the way we've run our gym in the past will not work today
  • How to include purpose and connection into your daily SOPs
  • What you can do to improve your client experience strategy

Enjoy the show! 

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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS,  we’re talking about how to deal with frustrating relationships with people you work with, your partner, and mostly yourself. In this episode, we'll cover:

  • Overcoming the hero complex
  • The difference between a healthy striving for excellence and corrosive perfectionism
  • How we deal with the toxic effects of being frustrated with your body, your achievements and your sense of worth.
  • How you can tackle 2016’s goals with a new, growth-focused mindset.  

This episode is brought to you by FitAid - our favorite Paleo-friendly post-WOD recovery drink. For a free case, visit


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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss our new favorite book on leadership, Extreme Ownership, written by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. This is a book you and everyone on your team should read. Jock and Leif share hard-hitting, Navy SEAL combat stories that translate into lessons for business and life that work for both leaders and those who make up the team.

This is the perfect business book for someone who doesn't enjoy the traditional self-help style of writing. Jocko and Leif take you through riveting first-hand accounts of making high-pressure decisions as Navy SEAL battlefield leaders that translate into everyday business decisions quite seamlessly. 

In this show, we pull out a few of the points we believe gym owners can start to implement today.

Enjoy the show.


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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • When you know it's time to step away from your business to work on yourself
  • The ROI of attending live events
  • The difference between an instructor vs being a true coach and leader
  • How to get buy-in from your business partner and/or life partner
  • The difference between meet ups, workshops, retreats, conferences, and masterminds
  • How to choose the right one for you.

You can only read so many books and listen to so many podcasts before you hit a ceiling on your development. Make 2016 the year for growth and development. No one is holding back the success of your gym but you. Learn how you can offer more by escaping the daily grind and connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs. 

To get more details on Barbell Business events coming up this year, visit and fill out the short form with your interests. We'll send you details as we finalize them. 


Enjoy the show!

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How to Get More Referred Members for Your Gym

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • Why referred members are the most valuable members
  • Why you cannot rely solely on "word of mouth" marketing
  • How to set up a smart direct referral system
  • Offering incentives - should you or shouldn't you?
  • Tangible referral cards that crush during the holidays
  • How you can partner with local businesses for lead generation

Visit for more resources like:

  • A demo of Barbell Logic to see how we the automated smart referral system
  • A $50 off discount for great quality gift cards at (code: DEAT)
  • A downloadable lead source tracking sheet 
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